Payson Community Theater


Summer Nights

June 24, 25, & 26 @ 7:30pm

Location: Peteetneet Academy, Payson, Utah

Join us for a fun night of musical performances.  The show is directed by Miranda Mobbs.

Restrooms at Peteetneet will be open for use.

Please bring printed tickets or show email order confirmation.

COVID-19 Notice

It is strongly advised to bring a mask for each attending member.  In accordance with Governor Herbert’s Executive Order, event size can exceed 50 individuals if organizational oversight can be provided that ensures guidelines are followed. Formal organizations are required to gather attendee names and at least one email address of one family member.  Each ticket must have the first and last name of that attendee.

Miranda Mobbs

Miranda Mobbs


Theater is in my blood and I love how it brings communities together and gives them time to escape into a musical world that brings hope and Joy of better things to come! Thanks to my family who always supports me in these efforts. Hugs to my theater family!!

Points Of Entry
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Music Direction

This is James’ first experience with music directing, and he is absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity. He has taught himself several musical instruments and has a passion for the Arts, both at home and throughout the world. He has been singing for close to 10 years, and has participated in community choirs as well as community theater companies. He believes that everyone can be musical, and does his best to help others catch that vision.

Kelsey has a passion for music and loves to sing and perform. She is excited to be involved in this show. She graduated from BYU with a degree in Music Education, and currently teaches music at Freedom Preparatory Academy in Vineyard. She has directed a number of successful musical productions and is living the dream being a music director for Payson Community Theater.

Summer Nights in Hollywood – Cast List

Rehearsal Start Date: Thursday, May 6th @ 6:30 PM (Mt. Nebo Middle School)

Show Dates: June 24-26


Another Day of Sun (La La Land)

Soloist 1: Caitlyn Maloy

Soloist 2: Aaron Sharp

Full Ensemble


Pure Imagination (Charlie & The Chocolate Factory)

Jake Thompson


Dreams to Dream (American Tail: Fievel Goes West)

Soloist: Cadence Rager

Violin: Zoe Trimble


I Have Confidence (The Sound of Music)

Kimberly Robbins


Maybe This Time (Cabaret)

Soloist: Maddy Shearer

Dancers: Amaya Flint, Eliza Carlisle, Emma Black, Sara Mann


Diamond’s Are A Girl’s Best Friend (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes)

Soloist: Reagan Fausett

Full Female Ensemble


Hello Dolly! (Hello, Dolly)

Soloists to be assigned during rehearsals*

Full Male Ensemble


A Million Dreams (The Greatest Showman)

Dancers TBD*


Que Sera Sera (The Man Who Knew Too Much)

Marti Grant


Rainbow Connection (The Muppets)

Soloists to be assigned during rehearsals*

Youth Ensemble

Santa Fe (Newsies)

Devin Hancock


Don’t Rain on My Parade (Funny Girl)

Chelsea Kennedy


Trashin’ The Camp (Tarzan)

Dancers: Megan Crump, Mary Hansen, Ben Brown, Devin Hancock, Ammon Flint, Kimberly Robbins, Tia Trimble, Alaia Chesnut, Sara Mann, Emily Goates, Charisse Finch, Kelsey Eastmond, Emma Black, Shanalee Arnold


Someone in the Crowd (La La Land)

Mia: Eliza Carlisle

Solo 1: Emma Eastmond

Solo 2: Ellora Mikesell

Solo 3: Emily Duke

Full Ensemble (16+)


Mia & Sebastian’s Theme (La La Land)

Dancers: Ammon Flint, Ben Brown, Aaron Sharp, Cole Bickham, William Wood, Mary Garlitz, Charisse Finch, Chelsea Kennedy, Cora Bickham, Lora Burton, Sherilyn Colby, Eliza Carlisle, Miranda Mobbs, Mary Hansen


I Got Rhythm (An American in Paris)

Soloist: Ammon Flint

Kids/Dancers: Zoe Trimble, Evelynn Hansen, Avalon Barnes, Seth Ewell, Ahnikah Ewell, Ariah Ewell, Cody Hancock, Kimber Cornwall, Lecksa Joel, Elizabeth Mann, Aidan Coyne


Luck Be A Lady (Guys & Dolls)

Soloist: Richie Trimble

Small Male Ensemble: Andrew Bell, James Eastmond, Devin Hancock, Perry Ewell, Charlie Flint, Jace Crump


Look to the Rainbow (Finian’s Rainbow)

Soloist 1: Julie Hancock

Soloist 2: Andrew Bell

Youth Ensemble


When I Grow Up (Matilda)

Miss Honey: Kelsey Thompson

Other solos to be assigned during rehearsals*

Youth Ensemble + Male Ensemble + Women Ensemble


Not Me (Aida)

Radames: Jace Crump

Mereb: Jake Thompson

Amneris: Michaella Mecham

Aida: Emma Garlitz


Move On (Sunday in the Park with George)

Dot: Shannon Eden
Charlie Flint


The Impossible Dream (Man of La Mancha)

Richie Trimble, James Eastmond


Seize The Day (Newsies)

Davey: TBA

Jack: Devin Hancock

Full Ensemble


Our DASHING Men’s Ensemble!

Will Wood, Ben Brown, Cole Bickham, Perry Ewell, Rob Eastmond, Matt Mason

Christian Durrant


Our LOVELY Women’s Ensemble!

Ashley Affleck, Lora Burton, Tricia Christensen, Sarah Coyne, Megan Crump, Mary Garlitz, Kenzington Baxter, Cora Bickham, Kelsey Thompson, Sydney Lane, Katelyn Lane, Cassidy Johnson, Charisse Finch, Elise White, Mary Hansen, Amy Broadhead, Jill Broadhead, Christiana Dennis, Sherilyn Colby, Louise Payne, Alaia Chesnut, Aeva Mclaughlin


Our SPECTACULAR Youth Ensemble!

Kimber Cornwall, Elizabeth Mann, Cadence Rager, Hannah Coyne, Aidan Coyne, Ahnikah Ewell, Ariah Ewell, Seth Ewell, Hadlie Baxter, Cody Hancock, Kailey Hancock, Evelynn Hansen, Keyan Anderson, Tanna Shanks, Lecksa Joel, Avalon Barnes, Zoe Trimble, Christopher Crow


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